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HP SN6000 Stackable 8Gb 24-port Single Power Fibre Channel Switch Ver maior

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HP SN6000 Stackable 8Gb 24-port Single Power Fibre Channel Switch


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HP SN6000 Stackable 8Gb Fibre Channel Switches make Enterprise SANs affordable, manageable, and easy-to-grow as more FC ports are needed. The low-cost and high-performance SN6000 are available in single-and dual power versions and start at 12 active FC ports expandable to 20. Easily add new FC ports and switches for up to 120 usable device ports per stack (single manageable unit), or 500+ ports in multi-stack topologies. (4) High-speed 10 Gbps linking ports upgradeable to 20Gbps allow easy stacking of SN6000s. Included SAN Connection Manager (SCM) Software uses a simple topology view of the SAN to manage switches, HBAs and provision storage from a one screen. SCM plus HP Virtual Connect and HP VCEM simplifies SAN management for virtual server deployment in the Converged Infrastructure. Transparent Router offers non-disruptive access to servers and storage on HP B-series and C-series SANs. The SN6000 makes it easy to extend the solution lifespan while preserving investments.

Build a Scalable SAN with Less Hardware and Less Complexity.
8 to 20 enabled 8 Gbps ports (Single power supply) model, and 20 enabled 8 Gbps ports (dual power supply) model for high availability. No need to waste FC device ports for ISL connections as is the case for competitor's switches. Each 10 Gbps/20 Gbps Stacking (ISL) port, unique to the SN6000, provides 3X the bandwidth of a device port for industry leading performance. Easily scale and stack up to six SN6000 8Gb FC Switches for 120 ports and manage as a single logical unit. Multi-stack topologies of SN6000 switches support large enterprise SANs with >500+ device ports. The simplicity of the SN6000 to add FC ports easily scales from SMB to enterprise, which allows SN6000 stacking 8Gb switches to provide significant cost savings compared to more expensive FC directors for core switching applications. Stacking enables networks with simpler topologies and fewer cables to manage.
Affordable Performance.
Industry leading ASIC technology provides superior switching, less than 200ns latency, ensuring optimal performance in enterprise environments. The 20 Gbps Stacking port upgrade option lets you defer costs until greater bandwidth is needed. The non-disruptive upgrade only requires an optional license. The same stacking cable is used for 10 Gbps or 20 Gbps functionality. Adaptive trunking provides performance optimization in multi-switch environments; and offers significant cost savings compared to competitors FC switches where adaptive trunking is an expensive optional license purchase per switch, increasing the total cost of the solution. 544 Gbps aggregate bandwidth per switch provides more bandwidth per investment dollar. The SN6000 delivers maximum SFP (optics) flexibility by supporting cost effective HP standard SFP 4 Gbps and SFP+ 8 Gbps optics.
Gain Operationally Efficiencies with HP Unique SAN Management Software.
SAN Connection Manager (SCM), included with H-series, lets you deploy SAN infrastructure (SN6000, P6000/EVA, P2000/MSA, HBAs) and provision storage from a single screen. Enterprise Fabric Management Suite Software delivers affordable SAN management tools such as performance monitoring and more. Another point for the converged infrastructure, SCM integrates with HP Virtual Connect and HP VCEM to simplify SAN management for virtual server deployment in the Converged Infrastructure. Manage HP BladeSystem c-Class, switches, HBA and storage via one management interface. Very simple drag-and-drop zoning using SCM– eliminates the complexity of SAN administration. Adaptive trunking is included with H-series purchase and automatically (no manual intervention required) pools I/O capability of the stacking ports and multiple ISLs, at the same speed, into a single load-balanced pipeline for full bandwidth optimization. No additional software costs. IO StreamGuard, included with the purchase price of a H-series FC switch, eliminates fabric disruptions when adding and removing devices.
Unique feature for HP only. Transparent Router (TR) – Industry standard NPIV provides low cost expansion and connectivity with existing HP B-series and C-series fabrics and enables cost-effective SAN expansion with management simplicity. The SN6000 and 8/20q switches, H-series SAN switches, can be seamlessly integrated with device ports changed to ISLs.

Service and Support provided by:
Hewlett Packard Technical: 800.334.5144

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